Saturday, January 23, 2016

Inspiring Women: MISS ROSEMARY

Memory Cloth – MISS ROSEMARY

I woke up one morning thinking about who inspired us to believe we could be more than the limiting feminine stereotype of wife and mother. 

I asked Professor Barbara Ewell who inspired her to create a life larger than seemed possible growing up in Baker LA. She described Miss Rosemary White who lived in the Big House (it had 2 stories) with her mother, Leonora, and sisters Miss Angie, Miss Pearl, Miss Mattie. Her sister-in-law, Florence, lived just down the street.. Rosemary was on the City Council and was the person who always helped those in need, in spite of serious rheumatoid arthritis.

I’ve made a FaceBook page, Inspiring Women, where I invite others to tell the stories or show their art about who inspired them.

Made 1/5/15         Recalling 1954 – 65